Bradley Stoke Community School

KS3 Curriculum


Students at Key Stage 3 are offered a broad curriculum, building on their learning experiences from Key Stage 2 and preparing them for the next stage in their journey. There is a wealth of resources available to ensure all students are challenged and supported to fulfil their potential in the first phase of their secondary education.

Bradley Stoke Community School places special emphasis on learning to learn, thinking skills and emotional literacy for all students in Year 7 and is working closely with partner primary schools to ensure continuity of experience.

Great importance is placed on acquiring learning skills which can be adapted to any situation and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and organisation.

Students have a 2 year KS3, making their GCSE subject choices near the end of Year 8.

Subject cover

Time allocations per week

Curriculum Information


3 hours

English Info


3 hours

Maths info


2 ½ hours

Science info


1 ½ hours

Geography info


1 ½ hours

History info

Culture, Religion and Society

1 hour

CRS info

Product Design (all forms)

1 ½ hours

PD info

Food info


1 ½ hours

Computing info


1 hour (Y7) 1 ½ (Y8)

Art info


1 ½ hour (Y7) 1 (Y8)

Drama Info


1 ½ hours

Music info

Physical Education

2 hours

PE info


2 ½ hours

German info


½ hours 

French info

Tutorial and Assembly

1 ¼ hours

T and A info

Accelerated Reader

½ hour

AR info

Personal, Social and Health Education

½ hour

PSHE info


1 hour (minimum)

Enrichment info