Bradley Stoke Community School

Private Music Lessons

The Olympus Academy Trust wholeheartedly supports any student who wishes to learn a musical instrument, firmly believing that this will help to develop their general listening skills, co-ordination and motor control, self-confidence, personal responsibility and social interaction as well as their general enjoyment of music.  We actively encourage students to become involved in music and the school subsidises many of the lessons provided.


If you would like your son/daughter to have instrumental lessons, the South Gloucestershire Music Hub or the independent music tutor will be your direct contact with regard to timetabling and invoices.  They will also inform you if they need to reschedule a lesson for whatever reason and keep you up to date with your son/daughter’s progress. Any questions or issues you may have with regards to your son/daughter’s lessons will be addressed directly with the Music Hub or the tutor. 


More details about lessons and the contact details for each instrumental teacher can be found here and You can watch our instrumental teachers in action here on youtube




Music Lessons September 2022 - 15 June 2022