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The attendance target for every student in the Olympus Academy Trust is 97%. Excellent attendance is intrinsically linked to academic achievement and progress. Students who have regular absence, patterns of unauthorised absence, broken weeks of attendance and high levels of absence for minor illness are unlikely to achieve their academic potential. The Olympus Academy Trust prioritises the monitoring, support and robust action needed to secure high levels of attendance and works in close partnership with the Local Authority to place matters before the court in circumstances where parents/carers do not ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually. The following Attendance Phases are a guide for students and parents on the steps that the school will take to support the regular attendance of students at school. At every stage of our Attendance Phases we welcome the opportunity to engage with parents and carers.  Early intervention and student support sits at the heart of our approach to raising levels of student attendance.  Below are some documents relating to Attendance.

For students suffering with sickness and/or diarrhoea we would request that students remain absent from school for 48 hours following the last episode.  For any other illnesses/infections please follow your doctors advice, however, we would ask to be advised of any infectious illnesses, such as chicken pox etc. 

During the Covid 19 Period...

Important information for parents and carers regarding reporting absence to the school

From the start of term 6, June 1st, we will need to make a temporary change to the number that you call to report your child’s absence from school.

This applies to:

Parents and carers of reception and year 1 in the Primary Phase where your child is expected in school and you have discussed this with the school.

Parents and carers who are keyworkers and have agreed attendance in school on particular days.

Parents and carers of year 10 and year 12 students, where we have agreed with you any attendance in school as part of our face to face programme.

During this period of time, the new number for the reporting absence line will be 07783 024361 

Our attendance administrator will be using this number to monitor calls from parents to inform us of absence and will also use this line to follow-up on any absence from school for children we expect to be with us.

Thank you in anticipation for your support


Susie Beresford-Wylie

Director of Student Support

Procedures for Reporting Absence

24 Hour Absence Line: 01454 868842

  • If you know your child is going to be absent from school for a medical appointment, please could you notify the school in advance of the appointment day via the absence line or email admin@bradleystokecs.org.uk.
  • If your child is ill; please call the absence line before the start of the school day (8.25am Secondary 8.40am Primary)
  • If you wish to request absence from school, please complete a ‘Request for Absence’ form below.
  • If there is a problem with the absence line, you can email Madelaine McGinn: madelaine.mcginn@bradleystokecs.org.uk or admin@bradleystokecs.org.uk.

Attendance Policy

Attendance Phases: parent information

Attendance Phases: student information

Attend to Achieve - guidance for parents/carers regarding attendance

Medical Consent Form

Broken Weeks Letter

Less than 93% Attendance Letter

FPN Notice


ISSP Review

Request Form for Authorised Absence - Secondary

Request Form for Authorised Absence - Primary