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Quarantine Curriculum/ Blended Learning approach BSCS    2021-2022

Outlined below is the process we intend to use this year at BSCS if your child is absent from school for an extended period due to Covid-19 or during Lockdown periods.

In all cases we ask you to contact the School Absence Line immediately on 01454 868842, as we need to report all cases to Public Health England.

To avoid disruption to students’ learning we are putting in place a simple online system to support them. In essence, we will be running a parallel online curriculum for students to follow and we will publish this at the start of each term. The parallel system means that the work being done in School will be replicated for students to do at home. In almost all subjects they will be using the OAK Academy resources produced by the government. Having used these excellent resources during lockdown, we are confident of their quality.


Updated Sept 2021


Term 6


Home Learning - click here for all the information.


If a student is absent at any time throughout the year they can simply access the relevant week/s they will be missing, e.g. they are absent for week 3 and 4 of Term 1, they complete the work for each subject for week 3 and 4. We know that online and remote learning doesn’t replicate actual teaching but we know that it can help to stop students falling behind their peers. The idea is that this process is ‘seamless’ and therefore staff will not need to be contacted to be asked what they should do whilst they are off school, students will know straight away. This process will be explained to students in the first week, so that they are confident and understand the new system.

All OAK Academy lessons follow a similar 3-part format and can be completed independently without a teacher or parent support. This is important, as teachers do not have the capacity to teach full time in school and support students at home.

The lessons follow this format:
1. A recap quiz on previous learning, where students are given an automated score and
2. A modelled video/PowerPoint, where students watch a video, make notes and answer
questions they are asked. They are expected to pause the video at relevant points and will
mark their own work; and finally
3. A recall quiz to check their understanding.
Students will be asked to make notes in their books, take a screen shot of their scores from the quizzes and email them to their teacher or submit them via Google Classroom.

 Guided Reading


 Year 7 - YouTube


Lesson Structure

All lessons should follow the Teaching and Learning Framework for Online Learning and should be in a video style “Screencast-O-Matic”. We feel that these allow students and parents to access the work, when it is suitable and appropriate for them.

  1. Review previous learning in a quiz format
  2. Explain live or via video the lesson
  3. Model the new idea, topic or method
  4. Purposeful practice with answers, so students can self-mark.
  5. Reflection quiz and feedback 

Learning Scenarios

Option 1

Where individual students are self-isolating, a Weekly task sheet will be shared via assignments on Google Classroom by the Academic Progress Leader each day. At Key Stage 3, the majority of work is set using OAK Academy resources, Hegarty maths and Tassomai. Within the Daily task sheet, there are links to online resources. The work utilises the OAK Academy resources, which allows students to complete work independently. However, at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 the majority of work for Option subjects will be set by individual teachers on their own individual Google Classroom pages, as this is a more personalised approach is required, as students are so closer to their exams.  Core subjects, English, Maths and Science will be set on the link above. There are two pastoral ‘checkins’ each week for students and parents to ask questions with the Academic Progress Leader and Head of Year.

Option 2

Where a larger group of students have been told to self-isolate by the school and there is a partial closure of a year group, students will be provided with tutorials and some live lessons, which will supplement their daily task sheet. Students will find out about these additional sessions via their Google Classroom. There are two pastoral ‘checkins’ each week for students and parents to ask questions with the Academic Progress Leader and Head of Year.

Option 3

Where whole year groups are self-isolating, online, live resources will be provided for most lessons, following the principles of delivery detailed below. During each lesson, teachers are to provide a virtual 45 minute session through Google Meets/Classroom, which are recorded and saved to the Google Classroom page. If students cannot access the internet or don’t have appropriate ICT, these will be provided by the school. During any period of self-isolation, students will work in their books. Whilst teachers will not be able to provide feedback on every piece of learning, where teachers need to assess student work, students will be asked to share a picture of their work via the Google Classroom. Staff will then provide feedback on these assessed pieces of work. There are two pastoral ‘checkins’ each week for students and parents to ask questions with their Tutor.     

Google Classrooms and Online Learning

If we experience another partial or full lockdown, we will continue to use Google Classroom to communicate and teach our students. All students have been allocated new Google Classrooms for all of their subjects if they are new to the school or subject this year. All existing Google Classrooms will continue and all existing and new classroom codes can be accessed here.


Students need to follow the instructions in this video and enter the appropriate classroom code for their new subjects. Students must ensure that they are logged in using their BSCS account and not their personal account, as they will not be able to access their work from their personal account. Once logged in, they can access their work for all of their individual subjects and teachers. All students apart from those in Year 7 have had really good understanding of working remotely, so should be able to navigate around Google Classroom and submit work in the usual way. All the work for them to complete will be set as an assignment or will be in Classwork in a folder called ‘Quarantine work’
(please see the picture below).

Students should only complete this work if they are absent from school self isolating when the rest of their year group are in school.


If you have any questions about work to do during lockdown, please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance or their Head of Year or Academic Progress Leader.... 



Head of Year Academic Progress Leader
Year 7

 George Haskins


Elle Goodall

Year 8

Laura Barney


Natalia Treasure


Year 9


 George Haskins


Lily Roots


Year 10


  Caron Squires


  Rachel Brace


Karen Benson


Helen Vorajee


Year 11

 Emma Rogers


 Jacqui Gallagher



Ricky Miles



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