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As we get closer to the end of courses and into revision, it may well be that staff alert you to the fact that your son/daughter really must attend extra sessions to ensure the highest outcomes in their examinations.  Some sessions will be open to all students and some students will be directed to attend particular sessions for additional support in more specific areas of their courses. Information about these sessions will be shared with students regularly.   With exams only a few months away, students should already be revising.  Links to useful websites and information about revision can be found below including GCSEPod (downloadable podcasts), ActiveLearn Science and BBC Bitesize.  FROG also has many useful revision resources, for instance, the Maths site has ZigZag papers (on the Year 10/11 tags) which can be downloaded and completed; past papers and text books are also available on FROG for the Sciences and other qualifications.  

Please follow the links below for presentation and other useful information. 

GCSE Tips for Success and How Parents Can Help

Organising Your Revision

Using Revision Aids

Revision booklet

Staying Motivated

Email: (anytime)

Phone: 0191 2111 999 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm)

Twitter: @GCSEPod


Useful Revision Websites - (students have been given their individual logins and passwords by their relevant Science teacher)